Best Online MP3 Converter [Easy Solution for Both PC & Mac]

Best Online MP3 Converter [Easy Solution for Both PC & Mac]

I got stuck in this “dilemma” a while ago; I didn’t know which online MP3 converter would be the best for me and, most importantly, which one would work for both Windows PC and Mac (My desktop PC is Windows and my Laptop a Mac). However, after a long searching and try, I came across with the best Online MP3 Converter I have tried in my life.

I am one of those guys who can’t live without his music, but who doesn’t? Music is vital for everyone especially in this era where so many artists are making great music. I have tried a lot of different free and paid MP3 convertors, nevertheless, my favorite and the one I am using today is

Now, you might wonder why this is my favorite and the best MP3 converter I have found so far. The reason is simple; you have to know what you really want from an MP3 converter and how convenient it is.

Windows PC & Mac

As I mentioned before, I am a Windows PC and Mac customer. What I was looking for at the beginning was a converter that I could run on both in order not to download one for Windows and another one for Mac.


Windows PC & Mac


You probably now that Mac is a little bit more exclusive than Windows, therefore, it is harder to find programs that work for them. iTunes is a good option to convert audios but it doesn’t have that many options and Windows has a lot of MP3 converters but a lot of them don’t offer you a good final product.

After many attempts, I came across with and I can say my music game has changed a lot.

What Makes an MP3 Audio Converter Great?

This is the question all people have when they are choosing or paying for an MP3 audio converter. There are many characteristics that can make an MP3 converter better than others.

The top 4 features that you have to keep in mind in order to determine is a Mp3 audio converter is good or a complete trash, are conversion quality, conversion speed, easy to use, and pricing.

  • Conversion Quality

MP3 audio converters are basically files compressors; they take your file and compress it in order for your PC to save memory. An example is the WAV files that are usually heavy; a converter can compress that file and turn it into an MP3 so you have more space on your computer for more music.

However, this “compression” has a cost, which is, quality. When you compress any file into MP3, M4R, FLAC, or any format, you will have a quality decrease. The best the audio converter is, the less is the quality decrease.

With AudioConverter-Online, I haven’t experienced an important quality decrease in my audios, making them sound just like the original file.

  • Conversion Speed

Conversion Speed is the second most important feature we always want for an audio converter or any program in general. Some audio converters take a lot of time to convert a simple file while some other does it just fast.

However, how do you really know if your converter is fast or slow? Unfortunately for me, I have a really bad internet service so almost any program that requires internet works slowly. Even though I have an awful internet, AudioConverter works just great for me.

When I take my laptop to my work (where the internet is way decent than mine) the conversion speed is even better.

  • Easy to use

We all love easy-to-use programs or interfaces, AudioConverter is probably one of the easiest audio converters out there, it doesn’t require a lot of time to convert your files and start enjoying your music.

I must say that it has a child-friendly interface and works perfectly great.

  • Pricing

For many people, this is not a relevant feature when it comes to audio converters as long as they have their music converted and it sounds good is all fine. However, I am not the type of guy how likes to pay for programs that can be found for free.

AudioConverter is totally free and the best part is that you don’t have to even download it. You just get in the website and start downloading your music.

Why is the Best Converter Out There?

Besides everything I have mentioned before (the 4 features), AudioConverter offers you what the best paid MP3 audio converters do but for free.


  • PC Upload & Remote Upload

Whether you want to convert a file directly from your computer with the PC Upload option or, to convert a song or any type of music directly from the internet just by copying and pasting a link (Remote Upload), you will have the best quality with AudioConverter.

  • Audio File Formats

Nothing is more annoying than having to use or download different programs to convert audios in different file formats. With AudioConverter, you can convert almost any type of file format or at least the most popular.

  • No Download Needed

You don’t need to download any program to start converting your audios. By just getting on the website, you can start converting your files.

You can also access from any type of devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)

  • Support Lossless Mode

This mode allows you to convert any audio file back to its original in order for you to convert it in another audio file format. Even though this is not the best tool to use if you want to keep the good quality of your audios, you can still use it and have a decent quality.

  • Safe Website

One of the most important things about this website is that you don’t have to be worried about viruses or malware. It is totally safe to use even if you don’t have an anti-virus.

Another awesome feature is that it doesn’t have any publicity so you don’t have to be closing pop-ups or undesirable pages.

Conclusion is a really good MP3 audio converter that it totally worth the time to try it and convert all your music files in order for you to enjoy from a great conversion with high speed and high quality.

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