Xbox Hard drive

What are of these drives/partitions used for on my xbox hard drive?
C – 500 MB – menu code, graphics, sound, DVD player, etc (partition 2)
D – Dvd Drive
E – 4895 MB – Data – saved games and imported CD audio tracks (partition 1)
F – See below. (partion 6)
X – 750 MB – Game Cache – temporary data of a game for faster access. (partition 3)
Y – 750 MB – Game Cache – temporary data of a game for faster access. (partition 4)
Z – 750 MB – Game Cache – temporary data of a game for faster access. (partition 5)

The Seagate Drives are 10gig and have 1896 MB of unused, unpartitioned space. You can format this space and it will be your F drive. If your stock drive is made by WD, then the sizes are just as shown above. Also, when replacing the hard drive, all space outside of what is shown above is partitioned to the F drive. The only exception to this is with drives larger than 137gig. You then have the option of creating a 7th partition, “G drive” using the space above 137gig.
You cannot change the size of any the drives, they are left alone for compatibility.
Dont use drives X Y and Z for any kind of storage, there is a good chance that it will be deleted at any time.
Memory cards are mapped to “drives” H – O in Evox (I’m sure what the other dash’s support, PM me if you have more info). There is no way (yet) to launch an .xbe from a memory card.

Is there an app I can use to defrag my Xbox hard drive?
No, the avalaunch team is working on one, and there is no ETA on when it will be done.
I want to ask this question anyway!
Great, do it here and save me the trouble of moving your post.

Can I use a USB hard drive with Evox/Ava/MXM and run games/apps from it?
No, you cannot use a USB hard drive with Evox/Ava/MXM. You cannot run games or apps from a USB hard drive. This is not just becuase of Evox/Ava/MXM. The USB ‘drivers’ for this hard drive would need to have support from at a lower level: ie: the bios.

Can I remove my dvd drive, and use a hard drive in its place?
NO, not at this time. Team Xecuter has stated that are looking into, but no one knows for sure if/when it can be done.

Xbox Live
Can I play games from my hard drive on XBox LIVE?
No, you cannot. The only way you can play game backups is with a modified bios, and you get banned if you go on LIVE with a modified bios. Put 2 and 2 together

Can I play game backups (from disc) on LIVE?
NO, see above.

Can’t I just start up my backup, turn off my chip and get on LIVE
NO, the hacked bios is still loaded into ram, and will still be checked when you connect to LIVE, and still get banned!

Can I play backups on LIVE with an exploit (no modchip)
NO, you cannot get a LIVE with a hacked bios loaded, it doesnt matter if it was loaded from a modchip, TSOP, from the Phoenix Bios Loader, or patched on the fly with the Complex !Loader.

Are you sure about <insert any of the above stated>?
YES, I am, please do not post asking “just to be sure”, the answer is NO.

I have more questions about Xbox LIVE.
Great, read this and this first (and all links in those posts).
I heard I can play games online without LIVE, is this true? How?
There are tunneling services that let you play system link games over the internet. Check out their websites for more info
Each has a forum on these boards as well.

Other FAQ’s
Can I stream games/apps over a network to my xbox?
NO, there is no way to do this, and most likely never will be.
What? Why not? They put an FTP server in a bios, why not do this?
Read this

Why do some files fail to transfer to my xbox?
Most likely you are trying to transfer files which have too long of a file name, or use ‘bad’ characters. Here are the ‘specs’ for the fatx filesystem.

When I start my backed-up game, I get a black screen with sound?
Turn off all three IGR sections in Evox settings.

How can I transfer music from my PC to the Xbox soundtracks to use in games?
Where is the music the Xbox uses for soundtracks stored?
Is there any other way of getting soundtracks on my xbox other than burning to cd, and ripping with the MS dash?
Click Here

How can I take In Game Screenshots?

Where else can I get help?
Coders Sites
Many Xbox programs have their own website and forums. Some are:
Team Xodus
Team X-ecuter
Xbox Media Player / Xbox Media Center
More can be found here & the “Respected Sites” box on the right hand side of the xbox-scene.com homepage.

IRC (EFnet)
There are many channels on IRC, some of which are ‘official’, others are not. Be sure to read the channel topics of the channels, as some have very specific and scrict guidelines. Don’t expect people to jump to help you, or walk you through xbox modded A-Z. To be quite honest, people on IRC can be quite mean sometimes, so tread lightly. None of these channels have “fileservers” or provide downloads to xbox software, so dont ask for it. None of these channels support piracy, so dont ask “Where can I download Barbie Horse Adventures??”
#xbox-scene (General xbox chat / help)
#xbins-help (Xbox modding help, usually people active 24/7, this channel doesn’t help with “backups”, whether its making them or getting them to run, so try somewhere else)
#xbmc (Xbox Media Center)
#xbmp (Xbox Media Player)
#xbox-link (x-link)

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