Xbins Distribution FTP list – complete list of all files/folders on the FTP, updated every hour or so.
Xbox File Name Conventions – From the Microsoft XDK docs, very usefull for figuring out WHY your files don’t transfer to the Xbox
Bios Hash and Flash ID lines (for evox)
List of ‘Best’ Xbox Emulators
Decide if you need to use the xxxx.06 or .67 version of the x2 bios – Confused on if you should use to the x2 xxxx.06 or x2 xxxx.67 bios? This is for you, since you couldn’t understand the nfo (or didn’t read it at all)
Too dumb to find XBMP/XBMC? – STOP ASKING for christ’s sake, please take a basic english class and READ what the bot sends you.
Howto fix a f*cked EEPROM – This explains how to restore a eeprom to defunked xbox using a modified version of the cromwell bios (this is only for those with 1.0-1.3 xbox’s)
Global Dash Install Guide – this is a work in progress guide on howto install any of the 4 main dashes, including how to format, I still have to add .ini info for evox, as well as add info for all the other dashes, and take new screenshots (this is based on an old partial guide of mine). If you want to help, let me know!

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