Top Picks of Free Video Capture Software 2017

Free Video Capture Software can change the way we used to record videos and capture the screens. It is an amazing technology introduced by the technologists that will help us to capture videos in the best quality and formats.

There are several Free Video Capture Software available online. Some are paid and others are free. The real issue will arise when you have to differentiate between the real and the fake software available. Here I have the list of top 5 software that you must consider.

1-Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free

Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free is the most high-tech and best software that you will come across.

  • The platform will allow you to capture the video from any source
  • You can capture the live streaming videos on the 30 fps images from the camera IP capture
  • Numerous formats are available that makes it easy to store the video
  • All the features are free
  • It is updated on a regular basis with the latest features.


CamStudio will allow you to record any video and video activity that is happening on your desktop. The Free Video Capture Software is very popular among those who want to add anti-aliased screen captions in the video. It will produce high-quality results and there are several unique annotation features you can use to personalize the video.


TinyTake is an amazing Free Video Capture Software that you can use on any platform that you like. You can capture the videos and images from the screen of your desktop. The software will allow you to merge the recordings together and you can comment on them and share with your friends. It will allow you to record a video up to 120 minutes.


If you are looking for the software that will help you to record high-quality video and audio, SRecorder will be a good choice. The software will allow you to record any video from your desktop. It is a perfect tool for creating video clips from a certain video or record the live streaming conference. The platform is free to use.


Ezvid is a reliable screen recording software. You can easily record different videos that you are playing on the screen like games, live streaming, paint programs, and applications. The software will allow you to edit the video that you have recorded and add new details to it. You can upload the video on YouTube.

Bottom line

Selection of the best Free Video Capture Software is a hard job. You have to consider different features and assure that it meets your requirements. There are some software that is available free only for trial and if you like the services you will have to pay for the full version that might get expensive. It is important that you conduct a proper research before the selection of software so you will make the right decision. Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free is highly recommended because it will meet all your needs free and in most effective manner.

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